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This page is dedicated to our ITN associate fellow Tatjana Šafarik. Feel free to contact Tatjana with any questions or remarks by clicking on Contact Tatjana.

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ESR 2 - Ph.D Fellow

Project Description

ImplantSens will not only contribute to the painless long term monitoring of glucose levels for diabetic patients, but also to the development of future implantable sensors for the management of other chronic diseases. In order to develop such biosensors, there is the possibility to develop co-axial porous sensor architectures following a hard template approach, which will serve as a platform for the immobilization of enzymes operating either in direct or mediated electron transfer mode. The electrocatalytic behavior in terms of charge transfer and mass transport properties will be characterized in order to optimize the performance of the sensor which will undergo in-vivo testing in order to assess toxicity and biocompatibility.

Goal at the end of the ITN project 
We want to provide a perfect platform for enzyme immobilisation which will enable, due to its intrinsic properties, a better overall bio electrochemical performance of the final device. Co-axial structures will allow us attaching two enzymes and elaborating miniaturised biofuel cell which means that the final device will be not only a sensor but also an implantable, micro-scale power device.

My background
B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Chemistry in the field of material chemistry and nanotechnology.


“The important thing is to never stop questioning.” – Albert Einstein “What is the beautiful, if not the impossible.”- Gustave Flaubert

About Tatjana

ESR#: 2 
Professional background: B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Chemistry

Host institute: CNRS France (Institut des Sciences Moléculaires &  Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal Bordeaux 

Supervisor: Alexander Kuhn and Dr. Nicolas Mano 

Interests: Travelling, yoga, reading, theater, cooking, boardgames, badminton

Languages: Croatian, English, German and French

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23rd Doctoral School of Chemical Sciences Day

Tatjana Šafarik presented her work at the 23rd Doctoral School of Chemical Sciences Day in Bordeaux, France Tatjana Šafarik. Engineered Complex Electrode Architectures for Biosensing Applications. 23rd Doctoral School of Chemical Sciences Day. June 10. 2021, Bordeaux, France – oral presentation

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