Carina Alexandra Félix Figueiredo

This page is dedicated to our ITN fellow Carina Alexandra Félix Figueiredo. Feel free to contact Carina with any questions or remarks by clicking on Contact Carina.

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ESR 4 - Ph.D Fellow

Project Description

Engineering of Cys-MRQ-GaOx variants for Direct Unique-point Covalent Immobilization. Covalent immobilization of the mutant Cys-MRQ-GaOx to nanostructured electrodes for optimizing direct electron transfer (DET) via the Cu active site. A comparative study will be done of the performance of the DET-based systems with the mediated electron transfer (MET) ones based on the enzymes immobilized on redox hydrogels. Evaluation of switching on-off of the GaOx biosensor by electrochemical oxidation of the active site´s tyrosine.

Goal at the end of the ITN project 
Achieve relevant results using engineered Galactose Oxidase in terms of direct electron transfer. Galactose/ glucose biosensor.

My background


"Even the darkest night will end, and the sun will rise." - Victor Hugo

About Carina

ESR#: 4
Professional background: Biochemistry

Host institute: Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry – CSIC

PhD Program Institution: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid 

Supervisor: Prof. Antonio Lopez De Lacey, Dr. Marcos Pita

Interests: Football, Travel, Music, and Animals

Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish

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Latest publication

Carina’s publications

Here you can find the links to Carina's publications during the ITN project.

3rd Workshop Electrobionet 2021

Carina Figueiredo has presented her work in the form of a poster presentation at the 3rd Workshop Electrobionet 2021 hosted by the Autonomous University of Madrid and its Faculty of Science. Carina Figueiredo, Andrea García-Ortega, Anna Lielpetere, Tanushree Mandal, Donal Leech, Marcos Pita, Wolfgang Schuhmann, Antonio L. De Lacey. Development of

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7th Portuguese Young Chemists Meeting

Carina Figueiredo presented her work on galactose oxidase and biosensors in the form of a poster presentation at the 7th Portuguese Young Chemists Meeting. Carina Figueiredo, Marcos Pita, Miguel Alcalde, Antonio L. De Lacey. Glucose biosensors: An oveview towards a new generation. 7th PYChem Meeting. Poster (online)

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European Federation of Biotechnology 2021

Carina Figueiredo presented her work in a poster presentation at the European Federation of Biotechnology in May 2021. Carina Figueiredo, Merve Keser, Marcos Pita, Miguel Alcalde, Antonio L. De Lacey. Oriented Covalent Immobilization of Galactose Oxidase for Biosensor Applications. EFB 2021  Poster (online)

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All of Carina's publications

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